Ecritel helps you innovate and modernize IT services to boost your business with DevOps tools. We use the flexibility and agility of the cloud to increase your site's performance with security and operational efficiency: improving the platform with continuous integration and deployment, organizing teams with agile methodology, building a testing strategy, versioning and automating deployments.


We have the experience and reputation to handle the back-end of any e-commerce operation using state-of-the-art technologies. Whatever your platform. We can help you optimize performance, solve problems and ensure support with a high level of availability and scalability. You need to implement and integrate new solutions quickly to grow your business. We work 24/7/365 with our partners and customers, thanks to our highly qualified and proactive team. We prevent problems before they happen. We provide consultants in all technologies to carry out troubleshooting, platform optimization and coding, offering our in-depth knowledge of digital platforms.

Infrastructure services
and cloud

When your company chooses Ecritel, you get more than a team of experts and one of the best suppliers to manage your infrastructure. We constantly adapt and train our teams in best practices, technologies and performance to deliver innovative solutions. We commit to the most aggressive SLAs in the market and support applications through rigorous control and security procedures, mission-critical and compliance. We offer our customers virtualized machines and our own cloud, as well as services for public, hybrid or private clouds.


When you choose Ecritel's managed hosting solutions, you benefit from more than just a team of experts from one of the best managed hosting providers. We establish infrastructure best practices, improving the architecture and configuration of each application to achieve the best possible performance, and automating maintenance and deployments to simplify operations. We offer tailor-made outsourcing services to optimize the performance of each platform. You can also check performance improvements with application performance monitoring dashboards, whatever APP we support in the cloud for your business. Our services are managed to maximize network performance and availability. When you're looking to improve application performance, it's important not to underestimate the impact of infrastructure. That's why our dedicated servers and hosting environment are optimized for speed and availability - and monitored 24/7/365, with multiple levels of security built in. Moreover, you can personalize them according to the needs of your critical applications. To improve efficiency and reduce costs, create a hybrid network that combines dedicated hardware with optimal cloud resources. Not yet ready for cloud computing? Consider using server virtualization to combine the performance and security of a dedicated, single-tenant environment with the cost-effectiveness of a cloud infrastructure deployment model. Whatever managed network configuration you choose, we back it up with a best-in-class service level agreement (SLA) and our guarantee of full network uptime. We also offer proactive or on-demand DDoS mitigation services to keep your business and data secure online.


We focus on new ways of using the cloud securely. We have complete solutions, with data adjustments and compliance, security in DevOps tools, testing, auditing and security in the cloud and in the Web Application Firewall. Our cloud works with a state-of-the-art firewall cluster, which we configure according to your specific security rules, a VPN and dedicated links to AWS or Azure. We also work with an IPS layer to reinforce security against attacks. We have extensive experience in setting up complex hybrid architectures with any layer involving, for example, DMZ, NAT, proxy, reverse proxy and Load Balancing, while respecting security best practices. Ecritel has obtained global ISO 27001 certification for compliance with best procedures in terms of infrastructure, backup and data management.

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